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8 travel hacks for your next UK trip

Let's be honest, who doesn't love travelling? Getting away from the stress of your routine, exploring someplace new, broadening your horizons, creating new memories…That said, even with all the benefits of travel, it also comes with a few stresses that can put a damper on your travel experience. From booking your holiday to avoiding the usual tourist traps, we've all felt at least once in our lives that we're not making the most of our holiday. Or to do so, we'd have to spend a fortune! Elsa from Stasher.com has compiled a list of travel hacks that will help you save some pennies, as well as make your holiday more fun, comfortable, and relaxed.

1. Sign up for newsletters

The best way to know about deals - especially the good deals that sell out quickly - is to sign up for email newsletters.  Most brands share coupon codes and pre-sale deals with their subscribers to reward their loyalty. You'll see the best prices and offers right in your inbox without having to scour the whole web yourself.

If you want to take it to the next level, follow your favourite travel brands on social media – from Instagram stories to Facebook competitions - discounts are only one click away.


2. Coach, train or flight?

If you like planning your trip months in advance and have the patience to check Skyscanner for cheap flights every other day, then flying to an exotic destination is probably your best option.

Last minute travel, on the other hand, is more affordable when you take a coach or train instead of flying. Coach companies like megabus.com have very reasonable tickets for 90+ destinations in the UK, from Edinburgh and Glasgow to London and Manchester. UK staycations are where it's at! 

Coaches and trains also offer the added benefits of popping right into the city centre, a flexible bag allowance as well as free Wi-Fi and charging points.  It's a win-win!


3. Sharing is Caring

More and more start-ups are popping up every day making travelling easier and cheaper. Next time you're in a new city, don't forget to check out some of the newest companies shaking up the travel industry - you might end up finding the next Uber!

Some of the start-ups you might find useful are Stasher, offering luggage storage at half the price of lockers and conventional left luggage facilities; Too Good To Go, perfect for finding cheap meals around you at a discounted price, and Airsorted, to rent out your flat while you’re on holiday!



4. Tap into free-Wi-Fi – anywhere

Free Wi-Fi is everywhere, but sometimes it isn't always the easiest to find.  If you visit a coffee shop or other location with Wi-Fi, check comments on FourSquare to get free Wi-Fi passwords.


5. Be tech savvy

Fill your smartphone with the best free travel apps and make the most of the technology already in your pocket.

Make sure you download Splitwise, to make splitting expenses with friends painless; SitorSquat to find the closest restroom so that you don’t have to guiltily go to a café just to use their restroom; and Citymapper, the perfect app for navigating a large city, especially when you’re not familiar with the local transport system.


6. Pack your bags professionally

Learn to pack like a pro and you'll fit so much more stuff in your suitcase. The trick? Roll it instead of folding it! It helps to prevent creases as well as making sure everything you need fits in a reasonably sized suitcase.


7. Get a villa or Airbnb to save money on group holidays

Gone are the times when a hotel room was the default solution for accommodation. Nowadays, you can find cheaper solutions on websites like Airbnb and Home Away. Renting a whole apartment or villa is not only cheaper, but it also allows you to use the kitchen facilities, meaning you'll spend a lot less on meals out.

8. Make use of city tours

Most cities have bus tours which allow you to see the sights of the city you’re visiting. megabus.com have their very own sightseeing tour in London called megasightseeing.com. You'll see up to 50 sites in a 2 hour non-stop tour, meaning you won't need to hop on and hop off! You can also always get a top deck seat if you want one. And all from £1 plus booking fee - so that's way cheaper than other bus tours out there. 


Published on 13th November 2018