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megabus bus


Nos autocars voyagent tous les jours et à toute heure dans tous le pays, vers des sites connus comme à travers la campagne paisible. S'il y a une ville dont nous ne sommes jamais loin, c'est Londres, la belle métropole de notre pays.

This fantastic, hustling, bustling hive of activity is so filled with history, tales and mysteries that we felt compelled to celebrate them with an evening of fun with some blogger friends.

And so, the game was afoot! We set out on the very first megabus Mega Mystery Tour!

We provide travel services from all over the country to London, and everywhere in between. With that in mind, we invited 26 London-based bloggers to join us on one of our top-of-the-line coaches to help us solve a mystery and disarm the trap set by the evil Moriarty. Four teams pitted against each other would set out over three locations to gather clues, speak to key characters, take specific photographs and even hum classical tunes to solve the mystery of the Cryptex - inside which was the final clue and London's only chance to be saved. 



As they were up against the clock, our blogger guests would have to team up to get the job done, working quickly to gather the most clues.

First stop was Westminster Abbey to meet Sherlock himself. He was feeling a little untrusting, so needed our teams to hum his favourite tune - which only a true acolyte would know - before he revealed what he had found. 


From there, it was back on the mystery bus to cruise along to Trafalgar Square - our second stop. Inspector Lestrade had found critical clues to share with our intrepid investigators and was staking out the enormous bronze lions at the base of Nelson's Column. He'd only share his findings if our teams could make him laugh and… if they took a selfie with him.

The final pieces in the puzzle were to be found in the beautiful Covent Garden in and around the market. Rushing around the brisk streets on an atmospheric February night, our guests didn't have time to feel the crispness of the air, such was their drive to solve the mystery.

Then it was back on the coach for one last go at cracking the Cryptex and unearthing the final clue as we headed for our hotel-turned-code breaking den. Sherlock greeted us upon arrival (with plenty of wine, gladly) and made sure to examine everyone's evidence.

Success! One of our plucky teams had cracked the code and saved all of London from the indistinct but looming threat from Moriarty! Even our very own Sid turned up to congratulate them. 


Published on 1st March 2018