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Plane taking off at airport

Start your holiday right by getting to the airport with megabus

Finally found the time to book a relaxing holiday? Perfect. We think your journey to the airport should be relaxing too. If you're going with your mates then you should definitely sit together on the way to the airport. See how megabus can keep your airport travel simple and stress free.

Save your data and get online for free

We've got free Wi-Fi* onboard. Know what that means? Updating your social with holiday selfies to make your friends well jel of course. We also have charging points* onboard so you can have your phones and tablets fully charged by the time you reach the airport. All you need is your USB charger - so add that to your 'must-pack' list.


Get great value for money

Getting to the airport by car can be expensive and you're not always guaranteed a place to sit on a train (especially with your luggage). Go for the best option and start your journey with a comfortable reserved seat on a megabus. Yes please.


Green looks good on you

You can also do your bit for the environment by choosing to travel by coach instead of rail or car. Les chiffres du BEIS (le département britannique pour la stratégie commerciale, énergétique et industrielle) indiquent que voyager en autocar émet 27 g de CO2 par personne par kilomètre, comparé à 41 g par le rail britannique** (ce chiffre dépend du taux de remplissage et du type de moteur). Si vous vous déplacez seul dans une voiture diesel standard, vous produisez l'impressionnant chiffre de 171 g d'émissions de CO2 par km**.


Early flight? No worries


Booking a super early flight might have seemed like a good idea at the time - you save a bit of cash and have more holiday time. But now you have to figure out how to get to the airport in time. We've got you covered. Take a look at our airport routes – you’ll get there stress-free, rested and relaxed.


Bags of luggage


If you're travelling with us to catch a flight, you're probably going to have some baggage. That's perfect. With megabus you get a 20kg luggage allowance, as well as being able to bring a smaller bag onboard with you too. So go ahead and pack that extra outfit - you've got space.


You’ll find us all over the country


We go to and from a number of airports across the country, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and Southampton. So wherever you're flying from, chances are we can get you home. You can also travel between airports for connecting flights. Bonus. Take a look at our airport routes now and book your journey.



*Sous réserve de disponibilité et de connectivité

**Source : BEIS/Defra Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors 2019. Émissions calculées par km pour le déplacement d'un seul passager et les données de la voiture correspondent à celles d'un moteur diesel.